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St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association Scholarship Program


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SPCHA Scholarship Program Guidelines

  1. Goal
  2. The Saint Paul Capitals Hockey Association (“SPCHA”) strives to provide an opportunity for every child who wants to play hockey.  SPCHA Scholarships are used to provide financial assistance to participants that demonstrate a financial need under the provisions of this program.  
  3. Scholarship Fund 
  4. As part of its annual budget, SPCHA will determine a dollar amount that will be set aside as a scholarship fund. These funds will be used to help offset players’ fees who, because of financial reasons, request assistance. Funding for the scholarship program may come from donations specifically given for hockey scholarships, along with any additional budget dollars designated for scholarships at the discretion of the SPCHA board. Additional funding for scholarships may come from SPCHA's charitable gambling efforts.
  5. Scholarships are granted on a per season basis. Applicants must reapply each season.   
  6. Amounts granted will be from $0 to $500 per player. The total amount granted will not exceed 50% of the total SPCHA registration fees except in extreme hardship situations. Scholarships are awarded in the form of reduced SPCHA registration fees.  
  7. Criteria for Scholarship
  8. All players that meet the eligibility requirements to play in the SPCHA are eligible to apply for financial assistance. 
  9. The applicant must be in good standing with SPCHA and exhibit a general financial need. Preference will be given to those applicants whose families qualify for public assistance programs such as school lunch subsidies, medical assistance and unemployment insurance. Additional consideration will be given to applicants experiencing long-term hardship circumstances.
  10. Families receiving scholarships are not permitted to “buy out” their volunteer hours.
  11. Application Process 
  12. Applicants must submit the confidential financial assistance application below. Applications must be submitted at or prior to the time of registration. Applications submitted after team rosters are finalized may not be able to be considered.  
  13. The SPCHA Scholarship Committee, which consists of the SPCHA President, Executive Director, Treasurer, and two members of the Executive Committee will review all applications and determine the grants based on eligibility, the total number of applicants, the amount of available funds, and other factors considered relevant by the committee. 
  14. The SPCHA Scholarship Committee reserves the right to request additional information at the time the scholarship is being considered.
  15. Applicants’ names and all information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Only the SPCHA Scholarship Committee will review the applications.  
  16. All decisions of the SPCHA Scholarship Committee are final; there is no appeal process.

Please reach out to Katie Murphy at if you have any questions.

Friends of Saint Paul Hockey Scholarship Program

To all Saint Paul hockey families and associations, Friends of Saint Paul Hockey (FOSPH) is excited to announce our new scholarship program to help support the traditions, sustainability and growth of hockey in the Saint Paul area. The scholarship program priority is to help families with the financial commitment to play hockey and make it more accessible and affordable for all.  

Please visit the scholarship page on the FOSPH website:

Once you complete the scholarship form, it will be submitted to FOSPH and will be considered for approval per the scholarship guidelines. FOSPH will confirm with the SPCHA that your player is registered with the program and funding will be sent to the association to offset the player registration fees.

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