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Complete the format of the attached document over the summer and receive a

5000 Shot Tshirt


Your name on the banner that will be posted at Highland Rink!


Registration is open!  You MUST be registered by August 31st.  After August 31st there will be a $50 late fee added to all late registrations.  Jersey number request links are also listed below for Squirt/10U-Bantam/15U players purchasing new jerseys.  These links are also found within the registration process a few times.

Jersey, Sock and Breezer Cover Try on dates

Wed. Aug 14th 5:30-6:30

Sun. Aug 18th 3-5 PM

Upper lobby of Highland Arena

NOTE:  Bantam Warm up groups-

Any Bantam can sign up for either Bantam Group.  These two groups are NOT split up by age or level.

STPCapitals STPCapitals STPCapitals

Green Mill Restaurants are located throughout the region. The Capitals' "home" location is at the intersection of Grand and Hamline Avenues.

St. Paul Capitals' Featured Partner - Hightop Hospitality

The St. Paul Capitals and Ramsey County Parks are proud to announce a one-year sponsorship agreement with Hightop Hospitality, the parent company of Green Mill Restaurants and Sweet Pea's Public House.  Thank you!

Sweet Pea's Public House is a neighborhood(s) favorite located at the intersection of Highland Park and Mac-Groveland; Snelling and Randolph Avenues.

The St. Paul Capitals' Mission is to provide the opportunity for St. Paul area youth to  participate in the sport of ice hockey and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for all players to compete at their highest level.