Volunteer Requirement

The St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association relies on parent volunteers to keep our organization running.


  • 15 VOLUNTEER HOURS PER FAMILY- If your Crossbar account states more than 15 are required, please ignore that. Total hours completed is what we look at.
  • 6 HOURS PER MINI MITE-ONLY FAMILY – Once you have a child above the mini-mite level, you move into the 15 hour category.  


  • Any family that does not complete the mandatory volunteer hours will have their credit card on file charged at the end of the season for the $500 volunteer buyout fee. During registration all families are required to electronically sign that they understand this requirement and agree to the buyout fee.


  • 15 volunteer credits awarded to head coaches
  • 45 additional volunteer credits awarded PER team, to be distributed by head coach at his or her discretion to assistant coaches, managers, or whomever the head coach determines has earned hours.

**PLEASE NOTE ** - Game clock, scorebook and penalty box coverage WILL NOT be credited towards volunteer hours. Each team will be responsible for setting a policy and/or schedule for filling these spots on game days.


  • ALL volunteer positions/shifts (with the exception of coaches and managers) will be posted to the Volunteer page on the association website.
  • Each family will be responsible for tracking their own hours and fulfilling the requirement.
  • Shifts will be posted periodically. Once the current shifts are filled, more will be added though the end of the season.
  • If you are unable to work a shift, it is your responsibility to cancel the shift or find a replacement volunteer.
  • Failure to work a shift you have signed up for will result in a $100 no-show fee, and there will be no credit for those hours.

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