Uniform requirements and ordering

  Jersey Socks
Mini mite Association provides Purchase on your own
Mite/8U Association provides Association provides


  Jersey ($150\kit*) Socks (included)




Provide sizing details here


  Jersey Socks ($50)

15U Co-op

Association provides Provide sizing details here
  • Every Squirt/10U - Bantam/15U player is required to purchase new socks every year at $25 per set. (Goalies excluded). Socks are ordered as part of the player registration process.
  • Helmet color should be white for Squirt/10U and up (excluding the 15U Co-op)
  • Breezer/breezer cover color should be red (CCM or Bauer) for Squirt/10U and up (excluding the 15U Co-op)

Jersey Size Charts

Sock Size Chart (excluding 15U; 15U should refer to sizing in the sock ordering link above)

Jersey Number Selection 

If your player does not already have a number, available jersey numbers will show during registration. You can check your player's current number here.

  • Applies only to 10U/Squirt and higher levels (excluding the 15U Co-op). 
  • Players will choose number options based upon their level. 
  • Assigned numbers are alternated each year between even and odd to insure against duplicity. 
  • Numbers are assigned on a first registered, first assigned basis. 
  • The number assigned may remain the player's number throughout their continuous time with SPCHA.  
  • A player's number will be forfeited and will be made available for reassignment if they leave the association.  
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Please remember - and remind your player - that they make the number, the number does not make them! 

* Understanding that our new branding means new uniforms, we worked hard to manage the cost impact to our families.

  • $240/kit: uniform cost last season (jerseys, socks, and breezer covers)
  • $150/kit: uniform cost this season (2 jerseys, 2 pairs of socks*)
  • $100/kit: uniform cost this season if you replaced your player's jerseys last season.

We are very happy with the new pricing and the extra 30%+ discount over that for families that purchased uniform kits last season. This discount is per player. If you purchased a uniform kit last season, please contact Katie Murphy for your discount code to be used during registration checkout.

* We are eliminating the need to purchase custom breezer covers. Instead we will standardize on standard red breezers or breezer covers. (CCM or Bauer is the correct Red Color)

Finally, we will be updating our helmet stickers this season as well.

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