Girls 10U-15U Program

The Capitals offer an excellent program for girls. At each age division, teams are grouped by ability level with practices and games tailored to each group’s ability level. While we strive to develop each player’s skills ability, we also emphasize helping players grow individually and as a team.

All players will go through evaluations. Refer to our Evaluations document under the Resources tab. Depending on player numbers and skill at the different levels, we may host A, B1, and B2 teams.


This program is for players age 9 through 15.


Evaluations are typically held in mid-September with team selections immediately following. 15U players evaluations will be held after high school tryouts at the beginning of November.


Our home rink is the Charles M. Schulz Highland Arena located at 800 S. Snelling Avenue, St Paul, MN 55116.

Practices and home games are also held at several other rinks including, but not limited to, Pleasant Arena, Drake (SPA) Arena, West Side Arena, Blaine Super Rink (15u) and Shoreview Arena (15u).


Practice schedules vary depending on the level and game schedule.

Typical number of ice times per week are:

  • 10U: 3-4
  • 12U: 4-5
  • 15U: 5-6

We do not run a set schedule, so players can practice any day of the week. Practices are typically held no earlier than 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Younger players usually have earlier practices times and the Bantam players typically practice later in the evening.


Teams in the program play full-ice games.

Each level is scheduled for 16 district games.

In addition to district games, coaches and managers will schedule scrimmages and each team will play in at least two tournaments during the season.


Players in this program must purchase our club jerseys and socks with the exception of 15U players. The 15U MVI-STP Co-op provides jerseys. Socks will need to be purchased by 15U players.

You can find more information about this here or under our Resources tab.

Uniform purchases are made during registration.

Additional Costs

Your team manager maintains a team bank account to cover expenses such as referee fees for scrimmages, additional tournaments beyond the two each team is allotted and any additional expenses the team manager/coach may anticipate.

At the start of the season each family will be asked for a deposit to get that account started. The amount varies by team, but is typically $100-$200.

Some additional fees may apply for specific teams:

  • Longer games / additional ice
  • 12U A and B1 teams will play 75-minute games starting this season. If your player is placed at one of these levels, an additional $100/player fee will be assessed by the association to help cover the additional ice needed.
  • 15Us at all levels now play 90-minute games. You may recall that we used to charge an incremental fee of $250/player fee to offset the additional ice cost for 15U players placed at certain levels. Since all 15U levels now have 90-minute games, that fee has been incorporated into our 15U registration fee.
  • Paid non-parent coaches
  • Teams that have paid non-parent coaches, generally some higher level 15U and/or 12U teams, will have an additional fee to help cover those additional costs if their team has a paid non-parent coach. Fees for this will be $350/player for 15U and $250/player for 12U.


We look forward to another great year of hockey for you and your family, and are excited to officially get things started!

The first step of your registration should begin with your USA Hockey registration, before returning to this site to complete Registration with the Capitals.

Make sure to read our volunteer and fundraiser requirements before registration. Those can be found in the Parent section under the Resources tab on our website.

Registration fees for 2023-24 season:

  • 10U - $ 1,220
  • 10U Goalie - $ 985
  • 12U - $ 1,550
  • 12U Goalie - $ 1,165
  • 15U - $ 1,875
  • 15U Goalie - $ 1,460

Some additional fees may apply:

12U A and B1 teams play longer games. A $100/player fee will be assessed to these teams to help cover the additional ice needed.

Please note: All 15U levels now play 90-minute games so the $250 fee for this has been added into the registration fee this season.

12U teams that have a paid non-parent coach will incur an additional $250/player fee to help cover those costs.

15U teams that have a paid non-parent coach will incur an additional $350/player fee to help cover those costs.


Registration is open through Aug 18th. Prices for these programs will increase by $50 on August 18th.

Evaluations will begin mid-September. 


15U Warm up and Eval Schedule

Team practices will begin for most teams begin immediately following evaluations. 

We are offering a 5-month payment plan. Everyone registering must choose the payment plan. No offline payments are allowed this season.

Questions?  Contact our Girls VP

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