Summer Hockey Skills Challenge

Launching in 2022, the Summer Hockey Skills Challenge is similar to the 5000 Shot Club we’ve done in the past, only this summer we will give credit for shooting and stickhandling.

Here’s how it works: track the number of minutes your player shoots and stickhandles each day. Add the weekly totals together, and see whether your player can achieve 500, 1000, 1500 or more minutes over the course of 10 weeks. (For instance, 500 minutes is 10 minutes per day, 5 days per week for 10 weeks).

Players who achieve 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 minutes will be recognized with a Capitals Summer Hockey Skills t-shirt.

These challenges are designed to require very little equipment.

For stickhandling, your player can use last season’s stick, a golf ball, and stickhandle around a few pucks. You can see examples of stickhandling exercises on this video:


For shooting, your player is welcome to use things like tennis balls, pucks, and Green Biscuits.

The Capitals Summer Hockey Skills Challenge is designed to be customizable to your player’s needs. For instance, your player can start whenever they want and spend however much time makes sense for them. About the only rule is that we do not give credit for skills practiced in a formal hockey setting (e.g., summer hockey practice, camp, or game).

The challenge will end on Labor Day, September 5. We will send a link to submit total minutes spent building skills then.

Please reach out to Katie Murphy if you have any questions. Otherwise, good luck to all participants!

Bonus Shooting Option

If your player wants some extra fun beyond tracking time spent for the challenge, the How to Hockey 10,000 Shot app is available to track your player’s shooting and create shooting challenge clubs with friends. Find it here:

You can join the Caps team by scanning this QR code or make your own teams and share your own QR code.

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