Squirt - Bantam Evaluation Process Overview

10U-specific Evaluation Process Overview

Here's what to expect with 2021-2022 10U evaluations. We will use three non-10U-parent evaluators. We intend to make team placements after two sessions: 

  1. Skills Night with 5 stations
  2. Scrimmage Night

Please note that the immediate rink area will be off-limits to all spectators.

After the Skills session, groupings for Thursday's Scrimmages will be determined by the evaluation team. The evaluation team will then meet after the two sessions to place players onto teams.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • If a player is too ill or injured to participate, please let Julie Bustos know (Julie.Bustos@gmail.com // 651-283-6332). 
  • In the event a player cannot tryout, the eval team will consult with available, recent coaches to determine team placement.
  • Players will not be penalized for missing a session, but they will not be allowed to make the missed session up. 
  • Team Selections will be determined by the following:
  • Evaluation Rankings 
  • Evaluator Input
  • Girls VP and Director of Hockey Development Input.
  • Team rosters will be uploaded to association website. 
  • Level-wide email will be sent at the conclusion of the process. 
  • Team placements will be final. Movement can occur prior to Dec. 31st but only under special circumstances and with approval of Girls VP.
  • Girls VP and Girls Coordinator will be first points of parent contact if there are questions about team placements – only after 24-hour cooling off period. Discussions will only involve your player.
  • There are plenty of great resources to help players and parents prepare for evals. Here are three of our favorites:
  • Minnesota Hockey's How to Prepare for and Succeed at Tryouts: https://bit.ly/MNHTryoutSuccess
  • Minnesota Hockey's Ten Tips for Tryouts: https://bit.ly/MNH10Tips
  • USA Hockey's Tryouts Tips: A Responsible Sports Playbook: https://bit.ly/USATryoutTips

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