Summer Puck Challenge

Keep your player’s idle hockey hands happy this summer with our Summer Puck Challenge!

The older players should be able to meet or exceed 5,000 shots as they have in the past. 5,000 shots breaks down to 100 shots per day, 5 days a week for 10 weeks. 

Our younger players can set a reasonable goal if 5,000 seems like too much. The goal is to pick a daily shot number and commit to it, and then slowly increase the number over the course of 10 weeks. They may start at 10 shots per day, and by the end of 10 weeks, build up to 25 shots per day. Quality and consistency are more important than quantity.

Like in years past, we have a tracking grid for you or your child to complete as they take their shots. The plan is meant only as a guide. If your player prefers to take 100 backhands one day, and 100 forehands the day after, bless their heart!

In addition to shooting, the Capitals would also encourage kids to do some stickhandling this summer. It’s not part of the challenge, but even five minutes a day is a huge help. Kids can grab a stick and a tennis ball and stick handle the alphabet, or follow this awesome video created by our Bantam AA coach, Dane Erickson.

Prizes? Of course! Every player who completes the Summer Puck Challenge will receive an awesome t-shirt next fall. But the real prize, or course, will be your player’s continued development. Good luck!

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