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Welcome To The St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association


    Still not registered for the 2015-16 season?  Now is a great time to click the link below and take care of business so your skater can hit the ice in time for tryouts (which start in less than a week).  We're patiently waiting for everyone to get signed up so we can assign players a tryout pool for their respective divisions.  Players who don't register can not touch the ice for tryouts.  We want them there for the first session, we want you signed up for the upcoming season.  Please take a moment to click the link below and ensure your skater will be on the ice next week!

    2015 Player Evaluation Times


    All skaters may be assigned to player pools at their level, the times for the individual pools may vary but will always fall within the designated block.  You will be contacted prior to the first session with your player pool assignment.

     - All sessions will be held at Highland Arena on the South rink.  Ice level and bleachers will not be open to parents or other observers.  The second floor meeting room will be available for viewing if it is not in use.

     - Players that are not registered for the 2015-16 season will not be allowed on the ice and therefore will not be evaluated.

     - Please arrive early to the first session to check in and receive jerseys.

    See the document below for pool times and dates.

    Capitals' Social Media

    Questions about the upcoming season? Your answers are here.

    Wondering how our teams will align this season?  Questions about evaluations? When does the season start?  Here's the document that answers your questions.

    Get Those Little Legs Moving - Mite & U8 Warm Up Dates and Times!

    Now that the big kids have hit the ice and are ready for tryouts, it's time for the little kids to get rolling!  Sign up today for mite & u8 warm ups by downloading the appropriate document below. 


    Complete the application online by clicking on the link.

    Capitals Celebrations!

    St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association
    P.O. Box 16382
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    Laura Shaffer, Executive Director