Mite/8U Camps

St. Paul Capital Hockey Association Development Team has created a training platform for Mite/8U skaters.

Each session will consist of one hour of ice.

The on-ice sessions will include Power Edge Pro drills, skill development and small game challenges.

Cost is

  • $375 For Summer camp
  • $200 For Fall camp


All 2021-22 Hockey season Mite/8U skaters


Summer Camp: June 14-July 29. (Camp will be closed 6/24-7/6).

Fall Camp: Aug 24- Sept 19


  • SPA/Drake Arena, St. Paul


Summer: The Mite/8Us will have 2 sessions per week for six weeks.

Fall: The Mite/8Us will have 6 sessions between August 24 and September 19.

Mite/8U Fall Camp

SPCHA will not be holding Fall warm ups.  This camp is in place of those.

Cost is $ 200

Camp will be held at SPA Drake Arena.

Please note, Mite\8Us will not have dryland due to the lack of space at SPA.


  • 24- Aug 11:45am
  • 26- Aug 1:00pm

  • 31- Aug 5:45pm
  • 2- Sept 5:30pm

  • 11- Sept 9:00am
  • 19- Sept 11:00am

  • All schedules will be uploaded to your family calendar.  

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